GMF | EcoMusée de Bretagne
GMF Prix Territoriaux Award campaign, EcoMusée de Bretagne, Episode 05. (Director's Cut)
CNAM | Assurance Maladie
National campaign for the french healthcare system, national campaign cinema & internet. (Director's Cut)
McDONALD'S | McCafé Stories
McDonald's McCafé Stories, national campaign.
Visages Korea
Journey at the heart of Korea, illustrating with portraits the mix of traditions and modernism of Korea.
Visages Teranga
On a mission for the ACF (NGO Action Against Hunger), in Matam region's remote villages, Western Africa.
Visages Viet Nam
Journey to the heart of Viet Nam, searching for the Faces of the Dragon of Asia, by roads and railways.
GMF | Cordon Numérique
GMF Hélioscope Award campaign, Cordon Numérique, Episode 01. (Director's Cut)
GMF | Imprimante 3D
DIR CUT | GMF Hélioscope Award campaign, Imprimante 3D, Episode 02. (Director's Cut)
RADO x Elle Magazine
World Campaign for Elle & RADO partnership.